Track what you do and beat back the blues

You know how sometimes at the end of the day you feel like “what did I do today? I didn’t get anything done!” You wind up feeling anxious, depressed or both.

iAccomplish is a new “eTherapy” app for the iPhone and iPad that helps you beat back those blues by allowing you to track exactly what you accomplish by keeping a “smart diary.”

Once you’ve used it for a few weeks, iAccomplish tells you what your most frequent accomplishments were; which you enjoy the most; in which you feel the most competent; where you’re spending most of your time; which hours of the day or days of the week you’re most productive; and much more.

iAccomplish will help you feel better about your days and give you valuable insight to make changes, if you desire. iAccomplish is based on proven principles from Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. Only $1.99 for a universal download. Click here to go to the app store.

Here’s a demo of iAccomplish done by the DailyAppShow: