Working with iAccomplish is easy. First, add an accomplishment. Give it a tag and rate how much you enjoyed it and how “competent” you felt doing it:

When you’ve entered a few accomplishments, you can view them visually in a chart by day:

Or more granular – for example, by time of day or day of week:

You can also view your accomplishments as a list:

There’s lots more you can learn from using iAccomplish – for example, where do you spend most of your time (or what do you enjoy the most):

You can see how the entire app works in the Help section.

If you’re ready to start feeling better by understanding what you actually do accomplish and where you spend your time, why not download iAccomplish. It’s only $1.99 cents, but in the run up to the holidays, the iAccomplish will be available for only $.99 until the end of December. That feels pretty good too!